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Danny Dieth Sermon List


Here is the list of sermons for 2018.

Date Bulletin Sermon Speaker Scripture Link
2/25/1018  .pdf  Covenant People  Rev. Mary Vance  Mark 8:31-38   .mp3 
1/7/2018  .pdf  At Its Rising  Rev. Danny Dieth  Matthew 2:1-12   .mp3 
1/14/2018  .pdf  Stranger Things  Rev. Danny Dieth  John 1:35-51   .mp3 
1/21/2018  .pdf  Family Ties  Pastor Danny Dieth  I Corinthians 12:18-31   .mp3 
1/28/2018  .pdf  People Who Really Matter  Rev. Paul Luthman   1 Corinthians 12:12-20, 26   .mp3 
2/4/2018  .pdf  Where Are You Growing?  Rev. Frank Beall   Ephesians 4:1-7, 11-16   .mp3 
2/11/2018  .pdf  For Everyone Who is on Bethesda's Porch  Rev. John Lown   John 5:1-9   .mp3 
2/18/2018  .pdf  The Quarter  Rev. Gerald Little   Luke 4:1-13   .mp3 
3/4/2018  .pdf  Put on Your Shoes  Rev. Jerry Little   Acts 2:36-47   .mp3 
3/11/2018  .pdf  A Gunfighter and a Prisoner  Rev. Jerry Little   John 3:14-21  .mp3 
3/18/2018  .pdf  Itís All Greek to Me  Rev. Jerry Little   John 12:20-33  .mp3 
3/25/2018  .pdf  March Madness  Rev. Jerry Little   Mark 11:1-10; 15-18   .mp3 
4/1/2018  .pdf  The Testimony of the Scars   Rev. Jerry Little   John 20:24-31   .mp3 
4/8/2018  .pdf  Message In a Bottle  Rev. Jerry Little   Acts 4:23-35   .mp3 
4/15/2018  .pdf  It Matters  Rev. Jerry Little   Luke 24:36-48   .mp3 
4/22/2018  .pdf  Lost and Found  Rev. Jerry Little   Luke 15:1-7  .mp3 
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